Polished & Proper

Barbershop & Shave Parlor

Travel back to a time when a visit to the barbershop was a chance to relax, socialize and be pampered the old fashion way. Come and take that journey when you enter our shop. 

 Check out Breanna on Instagram @polishedandproper

Check out Breanna on Instagram @polishedandproper

Breanna Henderson (Master Barber Instructor/ Owner): Breanna is a transplant from the midwest. Eager to acquire and share knowledge of the profession, she is happy to contribute to the industry in any way she can. She specializes in all hairstyles, but her #1 favorite thing to do is Straight Razor Facial Shaves! She will tell you, "I'd give up cutting hair if i could shave faces all day". She loves her profession, it's her passion. She won't turn away a challenge, and is happy to have any and all walks of life come into the shop. (Don't let the picture fool you, she may never look the same two visits in a row) Below are some examples of her work... 

 Check out Tyler on Instagram @barbertyler603

Check out Tyler on Instagram @barbertyler603

Tyler Emond (Barber): Tyler has been with Polished & Proper since the beginning. He was there ripping up carpet and floor right along side the owner. He is a highly skilled barber and an essential member of the Polished & Proper barber family. He specializes in Clean, tight, tapered haircuts and can style your do to make you your most dapper self! He is also great with kids! 

Check out some of Tyler's handy work ^

Harvard (Master Barber): is a New Hampshire native, and graduate of New England School of Barbering. He is eager to tackle any hair length or type. He loves challenging cuts and services, and is happy to discuss any topic you can bring to the table, especially if you enjoy history, video games, or paintball!


Some of Harvard's work ^

Tom Fontaine.jpg

Tom (Barber): is a Lakes Region native, and graduate of New England School of Barbering. Tom is a Marine veteran, and father of 2. He has a big, colorful personality that fills the shop. He is happy to tackle any challenge that enters his chair, and is guaranteed to make it an entertaining experience.