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Travel back to a time when a visit to the barbershop was a chance to relax, socialize and be pampered the old fashion way. Come and take that journey when you enter our shop. 

Barbering Education: Beyond the Chair

One distinct difference in the barbershops vs. salons is the LACK of continuing education offered. Salons typically have a larger staff with varying levels of experience, and most successful establishments have education programs for their stylists. In the barbershop, that's not the case. In fact, most barbers go straight from barber school into the shop and only pick up new things from other barbers they work with. Very few seek out formal continuing education opportunities. How can they? A barber typically works 5-6 days a week from open until close. Any time off is spent with their families, and rightfully so.

We are here to offer a solution to this unfortunate dilemma. Polished & Proper has an experienced Master Barber Instructor on staff, and they are available for hire to come to YOUR barbershop and instruct, offer business advice, mechanical solutions, and any other barber profession related issues.  From shear and comb technique to hydraulic issues with an old chair and anything in between. 

Give us a call at (978)558-0849  We are happy to work with your schedule!