Polished & Proper

Barbershop & Shave Parlor

Travel back to a time when a visit to the barbershop was a chance to relax, socialize and be pampered the old fashion way. Come and take that journey when you enter our shop. 


Belle Cachette offers a relaxing hideaway to slow down and take a breath, while you let our professional Master Barber help you decompress and feel like your best self.

**appointment required


Time Out Facial

A clinically proven method of massage manipulations and motor points combined with hot and cold elements to reduce inflammation and minimize pores. You’ll leave feeling relaxed and refreshed.       **for most skin types



Classic Rolling Facial

A classic barber service, meant to cleanse and stimulate the skin, provides gentle, non-abrasive exfoliation and lifting of impurities , leaving your skin soft and smooth. 

**for average, oily, or thick skin



“Close Up” Facial

Begins with custom skin consult, followed by cleansing, followed by treatment to improve circulation, treat congestion, and stimulate skin, then concluding with a tailored micro-current application for the most anti-aging results. You’ll be camera ready!    

**for all skin types



Belle Cachette Experience

The masculine equivalent of “a day at the spa”! This one of a kind experience is just the ticket for that individual in need of pampering of the highest quality. This includes a meticulous grooming by the shops leading Master barber, a luxurious shave unlike any you’ve experienced, and concluding with one of our signature facials tailored to your skincare needs.